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Solar panel against blue sky

Ensure those panels remain efficient with our solar panel cleaning service

If those solar panels are starting to look a little worse for wear, call Proshine Specialised Cleaning in Edinburgh for a complete cleaning service. We also cover Fife and the Lothians, enquire now.

Solar panel on a red roof reflecting the sun and the cloudless blue sky

You might be losing money ...

Clean solar panels are an eco-friendly and consistent way to save money on your energy bills. At least while they’re clean. But when dirt, dust, leaves, droppings and other kinds of debris are collecting on those panels, sunlight is blocked from accessing the cells. What does that mean? It means less energy is being produced. It means less efficient panels. It means more money spent by you on energy. It’s time to get them cleaned.

Newly built houses with solar panels

It takes the right approach

It’s important to get up close and personal with solar panels. Ground level inspections don’t account for the kind of dust and grime that can collect on them, so it can be hard to gauge just how much debris is getting in the way. The panels themselves are also delicate and the right cleaning method needs to be applied so that they’re not damaged in the process. Proshine Specialised Cleaning have everything in place to tackle the job.

Young couple looking out of window on solar panelled roof
Solar panels being installed

Let’s get those panels working for you

All our cleaners are trained to deliver an exceptional service when it comes to solar panel cleaning. They know best practice and 10 years in the business has only honed that process. We’ve got the proper equipment in place to clean your panels without damaging them and the work is always carried out in an efficient manner for quick turnarounds. See our reviews for some second opinions. For peace of mind, all our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Why our solar panel cleaning company?

Professional service
10 years in the business
Proper equipment for cleaning and access

Great feedback received
Satisfaction guaranteed
One-off or contractual

Clients we've worked with

If those panels are dirty then you’re losing money. Get them cleaned with help from Proshine Specialised Cleaning. For a free quote, call 07902 997506

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